Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shaikhuna (Dr.)Taika Shu'aib Alim Jalali

The Lineage of Shaikhuna:

01. Syeduna Abu Bakr Siddeeq (rali)
02. Syeduna Abdur Rahman (rali)
03. Syeduna Raythan (rali)
04. Syeduna Murrath (rali) 
05. Syeduna Kilab (rali) 
06. Syeduna Qusaiyyu (rali) 
07. Syeduna Abdu Munaf (rali) 
08. Syeduna Hashim (rali) 
09. Syeduna Abdul Azeez (rali) 
10. Syeduna Shaykh Hassan (rali) 
11. Syeduna Muhammad al Khilji (rali)
(He migrated to Kayalpattinam from Madina via Egypt in A. H. 262/875 A. D. Another group from this clan later established an Empire in Delhi). 
12. Syeduna Muhammad Khilr (rali) 
13. Syeduna Shaykh Shihabuddeen (rali) 
14. Syeduna Shaykh Ahmad (rali) 
15. Syeduna Shaykh Muhammad (rali) 
16. Syeduna Shaykh Ahmad (rali) 
17. Syeduna Shaykh Ali Naina (rali) 
18. Syeduna Shaykh Alaauddeen (rali) 
19. Syeduna Shaykh Sadaq Maraicar (rali)
(He was the Khalifa of Nagore Shahul Hameed Wali and one of his 404 fakirs. He was the one who boarded the ship manned by the Portugese Governor Manoel de Souza (ruled 1515-1536 A.D.) who was the successor of Alfonso Albuquerque and pushed him down into the sea; and de Souza died by drowning. This happened on the 3rd of Ramadan 943 A.H/1536 AD. He was the grand father of Saint Sadaqathullah Appa) 
20. Shaykh Ahmad Wali (rali) 
21. Shaykh Abdul Kadir Ibrahim Wali (rali) 
22. Shaykh Thaika Ahmad Sadaqah(rali)
(He is the maternal grandson of Saint Sadaqathullah Appa
23. Shaykh Meeran Wali (rali) 
24. Shaykh Thaika Shaykh Ahmad (Vellai Ahmad Wali) (rali) 
25. Shaykh Thaika Sayyid Muhammad (Imamul Aroos) (rali) 
26. Shaykh Thaika Shahul Hameed Wali (Jalwath Nayagam) (rali) 
27. Shaykh Thaika Ahmad Abdul Qadir (Shaykhu Nayagam) (rali) 
28. Shaykh Dr. Thaika Shuaib Alim

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