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Great Saint Sayyed Moula Muhammad Bukhary Thangal (QS)

His Holiness Bukhary Thangal was born in 1144 A. H. (1731 AD) in a beautiful Island called ANDROTH in the Indian Ocean of the Western Coast of Kerala. His real name was seyyid Muhammad. His father was Seyyid Ahmed a descendant of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Rasool Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam). 

He belonged to the famous clan of the house of Bukhary. After an illustrious service in the cause of Education, Spiritual knowledge and Social Service, His Holiness departed from this world at the age of 63 in 1207 AH (1792 AD) and is enshrined in Cannore[Kannur City] Kerala. His Holiness travellewd to various parts of India propageting Religion and morality to the people of various faiths, and especially to the Muslim. 

A deputy of Bukhar Thangal His Holiness Abdul Quadhir Valiyullah, a missionary in those parts is enshrined in Malacca and is the Maternal Grand Father of His Holiness Seyyid Muhammad Ma'apilli Lebbai Alim well-known as Imamul Aroos, founder of Aroosiyyathul Quadhiriyyah World Sufistic Order in South East Asia, including Sri Lanka and India (1232- 1316 AH/1816 - 1898 AD). 
Imamul Araqs served in Sri Lanka throughout the 19th century and was instrumental in erecting and refurbishing more than 355 Thakkiyas in Sri Lanka, most of them at his own expenses. He introduced a novel method of imparting the religion on short-term and long-term basis. While writing detailed books on Arabic Language on long-term basis he was the first to translate into Arabic-Tamil (Arwi), these religious books as a short-term method for beginners, and starting Arabic Colleges. Among them, Madrasathul Bari at Galbokke Weligama was the first Arabic College established in Sri Lanka (1884 AD.1302 AH) after the Portuguese onslaught.
The foundation for the Maradana Mosque was laid by Allama Imamul Aroos Ma'apillai Alim in 1840 AD/1256. Further, it has to be taken into consideration that, among the Mosques in the City of Colombo i.e. Bukhary Thaika - Forbes Lane, Devatagaha Mosque - Cinnamon Gardens, Magnamus Suadha Thaika - Old Moor Street, Layards Broadway Thakkiya, The Thakkiya just behind R. Premadasa Stadium, Kalandhar Sahib Thakkiya behind Kaleel's Nursing Home Maradana, Masjid Muhiyyaddeen (Mina Mosque) Dematagoda, Katakkalamarathady Thakkiya, Clifton Lane and The Temple Road Thakkiya were built under the aegis of Imamul Aroos Ma'apillai Kebbai Alim. 

His two illustrious Sons Al Quthub Seyyid Abdul Quadhir popularly known as Khalwath Nayagam and Al Quthub Sheikh Shahul Hameed well known as Jalwath Nayagam greatly contributed to the Spiritual and Social welfare to the people of Sri Lanka and Managed the Thakkiyas/Madrases and Mosques established by their father. His Grand Son His Holiness Thaika Ahmad Abdul Quadhir Valiyullah, very popularly known as Periya Sheikh Nayagam followed their footsteps and was instrumental in further constructing Thakkiyas in remote areas of Sri Lanka, which is continued to be followed by his Son Al Haj as Sheikh Afdhalul Ulama Moulavi Fazi, Aroosi Dr. Thaika Shu'aib Alim B.A. Hons. M.A. PhD. D.Litt (Jalali). 
Bukhary Thangal was very bold, emphatic and at the same time very eloquvant and gentle in imparting the Spiritual thoughts in the minds of the people with his strong exhortation. It is said that more than 400,000 people have entered the right path upon his preaching based on the Holy Qur'an and the teachings of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam. Bukhary Thangal held severe divine powers since his childhood. He exposed such powers on various occasions. 

Bukhary Thaika was established by Imamul Aroos in memory of his Holy Saint with the unstinted support and co-operation extended by his disciple Marhoom Muhammad Haniffa Ibnu Wappu Marikkar Khaleefathul Bukhary, popularly known as Haniffa Bass at Forbes Lane Maradana Colombo 10 in the year 1881 (1299 - m AH) to serve the noble cause started by Bukhary Thagal for the past 122 years. 

Special ceremonies are being conducted on the 3rd day of Shawwal (Day after Eid ul Fitr) each year in commemoration of His Holiness Bukhary Thangal.
The 216th year commemoration which will be held on a grand scale on Sunday 5th January 2003 under the distinguished patronage of His Holiness Al Haj As Sheikh Thaika Ahmad Nasir Alim (Jalali) Son of His Holiness Al Haj As Sheikh Afdhalul Ulama Dr. Thaika Shu'aib Alim the sixth deputy of Bukhary Thangal and the present head of Aroosiyyathul Quadhiriyyah World Sufistic Order at the Ratheeb Hall of Al Masjidul Bukhary Thaika, No. 25, Forbes Lane, Maradana Colombo 10. The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation will air live broadcast from 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. 

The great adventures of the famous warrior Hyder Ali of Mysore was checked by the faiths of Bukhary Thangal. Devastation and panics of the war let loose the Western part of India was averted by the efforts of Bukhary Thangal, in the 18th century. Hyder Ali was fascinated by the Spiritual Supremacy and charm of Bukhary Thangal and became his devoted disciple. He pledged under the hands of Bukhary Thangal that he would conduct no more expansionist war. 
The whole world is aware of the Statesmanship and bravery of the great Tippu Sulthan who was the first freedom fighter in the Indian soil and fought bravely and fiercely to woost the British Imperialists from India. Tippu Sulthan even became his deputy in the Spiritual field. 
Another great Saint of Tamil Na'adu His Holiness Umar Valiyullah of Kayalpattanam (1162 - 1216 AH/1748 - 1801 AD) went to dense forest of Indonesia known as ATCHE Island on the command of his Spiritual Master Bukhary Thangal, stayed there for 14 years amid too much hardship, among the Tribals, Nomads, Pegans and brought about 11 Million people into the right path. The religious schools and colleges established by Umar Valiyullah are still serving in the Malayan Archipelago on the basis of the Arabic curriculum started by him. They are still in existence. 

Imam al Aroos was the third deputy and spiritual successor to Bukhary Thangal and was the greatest spiritual figure after the devastation of Portuguese.
It has to be noted with great concern when there was a dire need of a place of worship for the Muslims of Colombo, the leading Muslims of that era found a place a place in the heart of the City of Colombo i.e. Maradana (now known as Maradana Mosque) and invited the most respected Saint at that time Sadaquathullah Appa, (Sadaqthullahil Qahiri.RA)the father-in-law of this luminary and the second deputy of Bukhary Thangal, who could not accede to this request and directed him to attend. 

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