Saturday, July 2, 2011


All the practices known as ibadat, which were passed onto us through the Rasul, are completely based on scientific realities. They are never aimed at pleasing the heart's desire of a god off in the heights above, afar off (beyond) us. Allah, who made the universe existent out of nothing, is not in need of any one's practice. Just like the food you take are aimed at supplying your physical body's needs, the practices called as ibadat (prayers) are related to the needs of your life beyond death. They are related to the "knowledge" and "energy" that your brain power records onto your, in a way a luminous body of frequencies, that is your spirit.
The practices that are carried out can be divided into two as physical and mental within the context of their benefits. Benefits gained physically empower mental activities and subsequently expand the brain capacity, and thus empower the person's spirit.
Constant repetition of words, a practice known as "zikr," makes you realize the universal qualities, that are the meanings of ALLAH names, which existed holographically in your own being, through expanding your brain capacity. It increases brain capacity and energy. For instance, the repetition of the word "Mureed" in a certain number of times a day, which is the Name of Allah's quality of being "will," increases the person's will-power. The repetition of the name "Quddus" in addition to the name "Mureed," results in a person quitting all sorts of his malicious habits. High tempered, rowdy, heart-breaking, excessive people lacking in self-control and persons of a nervous (tense, irritable) temper dissolve to a tolerant character shortly after they start repeating the Name "Haliym." All these come true as brain cells are programmed in corresponding frequencies produced in the brain. This fact was scientifically proved as a laboratory experiment recently and it was published in an article with the signature of John Horgan in the December 1993 issue of "The Scientific American".
The more a person's brain capacity is increased, the better he realizes and knows ALLAH as being the truth of the attributes that unfold through himself.
"ALLAH" is not a god afar off, but is the name of the Limitless One (Akbar) who brought everything into existence from within Hu's own being, WITHIN Hu's own knowledge (ilm) through Hu's knowledge, while there existed nothing. In the hologram system, Hu exists fully in every particle; put in Sufi (Tasawwuf) terms, "Hu exists in every point with all Hu's Attributes (Sifat), Names (Asma) and Hu's Essence (Zhat)."
At the extent we could broaden our brain capacity by way of carrying out practices on this path, we will realize and find ALLAH within our own beings, and attain Hu within ourselves...

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