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Seyyid Mohammed Shareeful Madani(RA) Ullal --Mangalore


Ullal Darga

The Darga to commemorate Seyyid Mohammed Shareeful Madani, located in Ullal in South Kanara, has been drawing pilgrims from all faiths. Legend has it that about 400 years ago, Seyyid Muhammed Shareeful Madani came to Mangalore from Saudi Arabia, reaching the shores of Ullal by floating on a piece of cloth. He camped in a small mosque at Melangadi in Ullal village where he led a simple life showering his love on the poor. People from Ullal, Pemannur and neighboring villages of Someshwar, Munnur, Kotekar and Jeppinamogaru consider this as the central Jumma Masjid. He became famous among the villagers because of his kindness and his treatment of the sick through prayers.
Many miracles have been credited to this saint and to this day, people from all communities come to Ullal mosque to seek his blessings. There are many stories that are associated with Madani miraculous powers. One day his landlord took away the tender coconuts which belonged to the Madani. Later the landlord came back with severe stomach ache. Always forgiving, the Madani offered him a glass of water and the landlord was relieved of the pain. In gratitude, the landlord presented the house to the Madani and even today the descendents of the Madani live here.
The villagers once saw the Madani throwing water high above him in upward direction. When they questioned him, he told them that there was a fire in the distant mosque at Mecca and that he was extinguishing the fire. That particular year, pilgrims who returned from Mecca confirmed that there had indeed been a fire in the mosque and that some miraculous showers extinguished it.
A tomb was raised over the Madani's grave after his death and the miracles continued. Many dumb people got their voices back and thousands of people were blessed with happiness.
Another story says that a painter who was Christian made a vow at the darga that if by the blessing of the Madani, he found two gold necklaces which were lost two years back, he would make offerings at the darga. The very next day, he found the necklaces around the neck of a woman in a neighboring town In 1945, when Uroos was being organized in the Darga, the village was suffering from acute water scarcity, thousands had thronged the village for the Uroos celebrations and all of them were suffering in the heat.
The Seyyid Madani Darga observes Uroos once in five years which attracts pilgrims from all over the country and it has earned the name of Ajmer Darga of the south.

How to reach..

Located about 10 kms south of Mangalore from the heart of the city, the darga is easily accessible by buses, auto-rickshaws ans taxis.

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