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Hazrath Faqeeh Shah Vali (RA) and Hazratha Syeda Pacha Bi Bi (RA) Bangalore

Amma Jan Bawa Jan Dargah Muragmalla
Bismillahir Rahman Nir Raheem.
Allahumma salle Ala Syedina Muhammadin Wo Ala Aalihi Syedina Muhammadin Wo Barik Wo Salim.

Dargah Name : - Hazrath Faqeeh Shah Vali (RA) and Hazratha Syeda Pacha
Bi Bi (RA) - Dargah Populary known as Amma Jan and Bawa Jan Dargah.

Place : Murugamalla , Chintamani Taluk ( Known / Called by muslims
as Muragmalla )

District : Kolar District
State : Karnataka.

Mazar-e-Mubarak of Hazrath Amma Jaan and
Hazrath Baba Jaan (RA) Muragmalla
Hazrath Amma Jan and Bawa Jan came to this place. It is said they use to fast a lot and did strong Ibadath ( worship ) . They were blessed by a great son who later became a jalali buzurg known as Hazrat Syed Jalal Khaki Shah Moula - whose Dargah shareef is a few kilometres (2kms from Muragmalla Dargah ) in Nimkanpalli , Chintamani Taluk, Kolar District , Karnataka State.

A Large Number of people comes from different places
Dargah Compound Muragmalla
This dargah of Muragmalla is very famous for Hazri of Jinnats.
This is a very old Dargah Shareef and attracts a large number of people from different places like Malur, Chintamani, Hoskette, Bilenasapur, Bangerpet, Kolar, Mulgabal, Bangalore and other places.
The Urs-e-Shareef of Amma Jan and Bawa Jan is Celebrated on 12th of
Holy and Sacred month of Rabi-ul-Awwal. ( Barahfath - Barweeh Shareef
Day )

View of Hills Muragmalla Dargah
Also the Urs of Great Auliya Ala-Hazrath Khwaja Syedina Nazar Ali Shah Chisty ( Becuase the wisal mubarak took on this sacred day ) is celebrated on the 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal in M.R Pallaya , Bangalore.
Also the Urs in Bangerpet of Hazrat Shamshu Maa (RA) and Hazrat Moin
uddin Auliya (RA) is celebrated on the 12th Rabi-ul- Awwal ( Barweeh
shareef Day )

The beloved mureeds of Hazrath Amma Jaan (RA
and Hazrah Baba Jaan (RA)

Bus Service :
 - There is a good bus services to Muragmulla Dargah Shareef.
From Bangalore buses are availabe from
No. 1) Kalasipallayam Bus Station
No. 2) Kempe Gowda Bus Station ( Majestic Bus Station )
No. 3) Buses are also available from Begaum Hall Bus Stop near Ulsoor.

Name Board Hazratha Syeda Pacha Bi Bi Urf Amma Jan - Muragmalla
Important Note : If any one likes to go to the following Dargahs buses
are available in above mentioned 3 bus stations.
1) Dargah of Hazrath Syedina Hyder Wo Sadar ( Mulbagal Shareef )
2) Dargah of Hazrath Syedina Qutb Shah Ghori (RA) - near Kolar Tower Clock
3) Dargah of Hazrath Syedina Usman Shah Valli (RA) - Kolar Hills and
other dargahs of Kolar
4) Dargah of Hazrath Shamshu Maa (RA) and Moinuddin Hazrat in Bangerpet.
5) Dargah of Hazrath Amma Jan Bawa Jan - Muragmalla & Hazrat Khaki
Shah Moula(RA) in Nimkanpalli.

Name Board Hazratha Syeda Pacha Bi Bi Urf Amma Jan - Muragmalla
Any body can go to any dargah from the above 3 bus stations mentioned.
There are also frequent Buses from Hoskotte and one can reach any of
the above 5 dargahs from Hoskotte also.

There many piegons in Murgmalla Dargah and Nimkanpalli dargah and any
one can take a apportunity of doing khidmat of this piegons and goats
by feeding them with the wheat, bajra , jaari which is available in
the shops in muragmalla and Nimkanpalli.

Muragmalla Dargah is 70 kms from Bangalore and 9 kms from Chintamani.

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